WEDDING | Valeria + Jeremy by Lucy Chang Photography

As wedding season kicks into high gear (…and as I try to get back into blogging regularly), here’s a throwback to one of my fave wedding memories from last year.  Valeria and Jeremy were wed at the historical Hart House at the University of Toronto’s downtown campus.  The Big Day featured an obviously stunning couple, beautifully planned-out details, perfect weather and a team of awesome vendors – you know, just all the components needed for an amazing wedding day!  These beautiful photos come courtesy of Lucy Chang Photography.

toronto makeup hair artist rhia amio artistrhi 01
toronto makeup hair artist rhia amio artistrhi 05

Other than the honour of getting to work with the gracious and gorgeous Val, I’m personally proud of this one as I did both make-up and hair for the bride.  There used to be a time where doing hair intimidated the life out of me, but I love looking at these photos, seeing how Val shines while also remembering how far I’ve come!  Shhh!  …but we added some extensions to give fullness to her hair – you can see the subtle and polished difference it makes versus without extensions here during her eshoot.

This incredible wedding film from the talented folks at Henjo gives you a final glimpse into the amazing Big Day (hope you have some tissues!):

Jeremy + Valeria from HenjoFilms on Vimeo.

More with Jeremy + Valeria on :)

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