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A clean beauty conversion couldn’t happen without also adjusting some of the routine make-up products I use.  Of course, I would want these new products to still perform like the “regular” non-organic make-up I’m used to, but also have the advantage of being nourishing to the skin.  I mean, that’s a no-brainer especially considering the many products that I subject my face to.

I’ll admit that a few years ago I was a snob against clean beauty products, believing that these products couldn’t perform well because they lacked the synthetics that are within all our mass brand cosmetics.  At that point, I had also tried a high-end organic brand and couldn’t get past the ‘natural’ scent that seemed a bit strong.  I figured it was because the products were void of the usual masking synthetics and fragrance so it didn’t matter that it was better for me and that the products were decent…I couldn’t get past its smell! Yep, snob.

Today, I also think about skincare and make-up quite differently.  Rather than using it to just cover up, I also want products that nourish my skin and help ward off signs of aging.  Since I expose my face to a lot of make-up, I figure why can’t it be good for me too?  (See this recent post on how the same clean mentality applies to my skin).

That’s why I have to talk about this game-changer of a brand that’s been a love of pros for a longtime, and is surely making its way onto more and more mainstream it-lists from its once beauty cult-status.  These organic products work beautifully AND they’re good for you (and they also don’t have an unpleasant smell).  This is a brandwagon you need to jump on now (your present and future skin will thank you for it).

RMS Beauty.  Let’s talk:  I love, love everything I’ve tried so far from this line.  On my must-have list (and now in regular daily beauty rotation) are the following:

Living Luminizer
I started off with using this in my kit because of its loved-by-the-pros status, and then I got one for myself as I love how it makes the skin look so alive.  I gave a few away for Christmas because I believe in it so much!  Living Luminizer gives a glowy sheen all without being obvious, nor shimmery – it just looks like good skin.  Even if you’ve over-powdered and your make-up’s looking too flat, you can easily layer this over your powder and it will make your skin come to life, while not disturbing the make-up you’ve already applied.  Your skin just looks fresh, not overly dewy/shiny/shimmery–and that’s how good healthy skin should look–not too matte but strategically glowy.  I seriously feel like the grandma in those Frank’s Red Hot commercials when I use Living Luminizer, as I want to put that sh!t on everything (well, everyone!).


unpowder_one_colorUnpowder is the perfect name for this magical powder because once applied, it doesn’t look like powder.  Like a magical act, it disappears…and not in the doesn’t-work kind of way!  For all that talk about other products minimizing pores and smoothing out the skin, this powder actually does just that.  It has some undetectable blur effect that I can’t explain – it can only be seen, or unseen.  My skin just looks smooth, not powdered….well, unpowdered. I love this loose powder for setting concealer especially under the eyes, something about its super lightweight texture makes it look so smooth (never cakey or crepey!), and we all need a smooth operator under there!  It’s translucent too so it works well across a variety of skin tones.  Kit essential.


un_coverup_00Just like other RMS products, “Un”cover is made of a minimal list of natural ingredients so while covering up your skin, it’s also nourishing it.  Uncover is touted as a concealer or foundation, and I find it works best as a light foundation for me.  I use my fingers to apply it where needed, and I find using my fingers works it best and melts it into the skin.  The coverage can be sheer to moderate, depending on if you layer it, but the product is easily workable and blends well.  The overall feel is like a second skin but my redness is concealed and my skin tone even.  A slight dewy finish leaves the skin with a healthy glow that to me is like the icing on the cake!

To give you a bit of background on my skin, it’s in pretty decent condition especially ever since doing a clean skincare product conversion.  I’ve read that these products work better when they interact with natural versus synthetic products so maybe that’s why I find it works well for me.  Also, for under my eyes, I do need something more heavy-duty and I do turn to my regular non-organic product for coverage.  I set that with “Un”powder though, as the smooth finish sets it and doesn’t look powdery, which again is unlike any powder I’ve used before.

These gorgeous products work double-duty:  you can apply it on both the lips and cheeks (ok, triple-duty since they’re also nourishing to the skin!).  On the cheeks, they easily blend using fingers giving that coveted lit-from-within kinda glow (in case you didn’t notice, I’m all about the natural glow!).  I have Smile (my fave) and Modest, but I want them all!  Lip2Cheeks are also perfect for travel too and to throw in your purse when you don’t want to pack so many products.


Final thoughts:  I will say that RMS Beauty won’t be the be-all, end-all for everybody.  For instance, I wouldn’t suggest Uncover as a cover-up for really oily skin types, as it is coconut oil-based and likely wouldn’t work well.  For myself, I probably won’t try the Eye Polish cream shadows because I’d imagine coconut oil-based products not lasting long on my naturally oily lids, right?!  It took me years to get over the “natural products won’t perform as well” snob mentality and I still do rely on many non-organic products in my personal routine.  But since we do expose our skin to so many products, it can’t hurt to start incorporating some products that are better for us.

If you’re looking for organic and clean make-up and don’t want to sacrifice on quality, then definitely check out RMS Beauty.

…and oh ya, that Living Luminizer.  Get. it.


My Toronto peeps, RMS Beauty is available at Detox Market – do your skin a favour and check them out!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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