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Inside the Dream
Today, I had the privilege of volunteering with a wonderful organization by the name of Inside the Dream. Founded by Ruth Wenwick only 5 years ago, Inside the Dream has grown to be a successful initiative, thriving mainly on the help of generous donors and volunteers. The aim of the program is to help less fortunate students attend their graduation or prom by providing the formal dresses, shoes and other accessories that would otherwise be extraneous costs.

Today on Boutique Day, the participants picked out the outfits for the big event. The selection of items was amazing – all donated by the community and a lot of it used only one-time. Participants were also given the red carpet treatment, having the opportunity to receive complimentary hair styles and make-up applications, as well as a professional photo of the final look.

I’m looking forward to participating in this event again next year. Make sure you go through your own closet, and grab that dress (or as in my case, those dresses) that you’ve worn once, but will likely never wear again and check out a very worthy cause at Inside the Dream (

photo courtesy of Inside the Dream

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