PRODUCT REVIEW | CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick

Price: under $10 Where to Find: any local drugstore
I had the opportunity to try out this lipstick with one of my bridal make-ups recently, and honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the product. I love the idea of make-up being long lasting (who doesn’t?), but when it doesn’t look good, then what’s the point?

Outlast comes with two tubes that are used in conjunction. One tube holds the long-lasting lip colour; the other tube holds a clear lip moisturizer. You take the colour tube and using the wand applicator, you apply it similar to a lip gloss. It goes on and dries very much like a paint – once it’s dry, you can’t blend it or move it. Once this colour layer is dry, you take the moisturizer tube and apply it atop to give the lips some shine and much needed moisture. This moisturizer tube is also used to touch the lips up throughout the day (as you should not have to reapply the tube of colour! Hence the name outlast).

CG’s Outlast will only work best for lips that have been exfoliated and über-moisturized. Otherwise, buyer beware – the formula will settle into all the fine lines of the lips and exaggerate any dry areas of the lips. The colour may be long lasting, but in doing so, a downside is that it is also a pain to take off. I had to use an oil-based make-up remover and some lip balm to wear the Outlast colour down, as the formula simply wasn’t flattering my bride’s lips. Once removed, you could see how the formula had made her lips raw and how some of the colour still wouldn’t come off!

Who wouldn’t love the promise of 16 hour make-up? We all would – if only it also promised to look good and (relatively) fresh for the claimed duration. The colour of CG’s Oulast does indeed ‘outlast’, but the unflattering formula likely will not outlast our desire to touch up the lips anyway throughout the day.

photos courtesy of CG Outlast

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