BEAUTY 101 | When to Chuck Your Make-up

Unfortunately, unlike the make-up line with the name, make-up may last a day, but it does not last forever! I love to get the most value for my make-up so it’s always a difficult day when I have to clean out my kit. But for the sake of being plain old sanitary, a little bit of pain is worth it! Here are some guidelines for when it’s time to let go, as difficult as it may be:


Each time you open the mascara tube, remove the wand and insert it back in, it pumps air into the tube which promotes for the growth of bacteria inside the tube. It’s best to not mess with a sensitive area like the eyes. Watch out for telltale signs…as soon as it starts to smell funky, it’s time to say goodbye!
Life span: 2-3 months

NOTE: Same rule applies to liquid liner. your eyes will thank you for it!

Pencil is usually good for a year, as long as it is sharpened frequently. Provided you use it frequently enough, most eyeliner pencils do not make it to the one year mark before you need a new one. If the eyeliner was once creamy, and you notice the product has lost its potency and no longer goes on smoothly, it’s definitely toss-it time.
Life Span:
1 year

Of all items, powdered products generally last the longest. Just like any other make-up product, they contain preservatives that help them to last longer. Once these puppies are first used, I would say using them for the next 18 months to maximum 2 years at best. Anything older than that…well, that gives you an excuse to go make-up shopping!
Life Span:
18 months – 2 years

Depending on its formulation, concealer can last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. Liquid concealers tend to have a shorter life span, where as the pot concealers (that have a thicker, paste consistency) tend to go the one year duration. Concealer is generally used everyday and is one of the make-up products that is exposed to air more frequently which allows room for bacterial growth. When using concealer, make sure you use clean brushes always to avoid cross-contamination and to reduce the appearance of bacteria.
Life span:
6 months to 1 year

iii). BLUSH
Anytime a product is exposed to air or a brush that has been in direct contact with your skin and then used back and forth between the product and skin, the chances for bacteria to grow increase. This is why it is important to use clean tools all the time. Brushes should be cleaned after each use.
Life Span: 18 mos – 2 years


Some people will advise that lipstick can last up to 2 years. Lipsticks are comprised of preservatives and a host of different waxes to give the product its longevity. I find usually by the 18 month point, lipstick tends to not blend/apply in the same manner and it becomes a bit tougher to work with. As soon as lipstick starts to smell or glide on funky, treat your lips to some new products.
Life Span:
18 months – 2 years

Similar to pencil eyeliners, lipliners can last up to one year, provided that they are sharpened regularly. Since the mouth area can harbour a lot of germs and bacteria, it is better that you sharpen your lipliner everyday. I would suggest spraying it with 99% alcohol to ward off any bacteria, but the concentration of alcohol would dry out the the lipliner before you maxed out its usage.
Life Span:
1 year

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