PRODUCT REVIEW | Make-up for Ever Aqua Eyes in Black

Where to buy it: Sephora, Sears
Price: approximately $18
Review: love it

Black eyeliner is an absolute staple in anyone’s make-up kit. Drawing on that black eyeliner can be just as flattering for eyes, as an actual full night’s rest!

One of the frustrations I hear from many clients is finding a pencil eyeliner that lasts. I usually use liquid liners in my applications because of their proven lasting ability, but the bold look of liquid liner and the lack of ease in application doesn’t make it suitable for everybody. Pencil eyeliner is a lot easier to work with and is also ideal for a softer look around the eyes. Pencil eyeliner is also a better choice for women in their 40s+, as eyelids that tend to be more crepey and liquid liner can appear too harsh.

Hands down the best black eyeliner that I’ve found for everyday use is Make-up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black. MFE’s is waterproof and sweatproof and comes in an array of colours. Tried and tested, it stays in place and still looks fresh after the length of a 9-5 workday. Definitely one of my faves as a make-up artist…and as a make-up consumer!
Photo courtesy of Make-up Forever

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