Q & A | How to Cover Undereye Circles

Q: How do I minimize my under-eye circles with make-up? My concealer just doesn’t seem to cover it.
The usual recommendation for concealing dark circles around the eyes is to look for a concealer that is (no more than) two shades lighter than your skin tone colour. For light underye circles, this trick should be enough. For more prominent circles, I prefer to use a shade of orange or peach colour concealer, depending on the client’s skin tone.

Use a light application and build layers. Concealer that is too cakey around the eyes will look to obvious and produce a reverse raccoon eye effect. After the peach concealer is applied, follow with your skin-tone coloured concealer or foundation to blend the area with the rest of your skin tone. Set the area with a light dusting of powder and voila!

Recommended products
MAC Select Cover-up in Peach

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