PRODUCT REVIEW | Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

Price: $8
Where to find: drugstores
Review: love it, kitessential

Filling in the brows is a trick I had to master at an early age, as my fascination with tweezers began when I was the tender age of 12. My brows never recovered – instead only to grow back in areas outside of where I would need them to (isn’t that how it always goes?!). I didn’t get the technique and the product right immediately, so there is past photo evidence out there of my brows looking either caterpillar thick (in an attempt to overcompensate for over-tweezing) to pencil thin (bad early 90s trend). I was pretty much filling in the brows before I actually knew how to do it properly, but fortunately, with experimentation and experience, there were gradual improvements.

Aside from the technique, one of the integral components to getting a great set of brows (if you don’t have them already naturally) is to buy the right eyebrow fill-in product. I swear by Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown for my own applications and for clients with brown to black hair colour*. The Rimmel pencil in Dark Brown is perfect for a natural eyebrow look. The texture of the pencil is more waxy (and less creamy) which aids in achieving those light, feathery strokes when filling the perfect brow in. It also helps to ensure that the brow is not drawn on too heavy (think of those permanent tattooed brows that look obviously unnatural). The price point of $8 means you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on an expensive ‘eyebrow kit’ to resurrect your brows to their previous glory.

*The pencil also comes in a Hazel colour for those with lighter coloured hair. For blonde haired ladies, I would suggest an ashy blonde

TIP: Use a matching coloured matte (no sparkles allowed for this one) eyeshadow with an angled brush to blend in the pencil and give it a softer look. The powder also helps to set the look and make sure your great brows take you from morning to evening!

For more tips on how to fill in brows, check out this previous Beauty 101 post on the Power of Good Brows. See the before and after of Cheryl (pictured above).

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