BEAUTY 101 | How to Apply Foundation

So now that you’ve decided on your foundation type, what’s the best method of application? Here are some tips for when applying your base:

Sponge, brush or fingers?

The debate continues. The answer to this one is based on your own personal preference. I like to use a foundation brush in my client applications, as I find it helps build coverage more evenly. In my daily make-up routine, I quickly reach for a sponge to apply my foundation. When I have more time, my foundation brush becomes my go-to tool.

Foundation can very well be applied with fingers, but I prefer not to. Some artists will say that the foundation against the skin of your fingertips warms up the foundation and makes it better for application. I would rather not have the oils in my hands interact with the foundation and then be applied to my skin. Whichever way you prefer, make sure your hands are immaculate before you apply! Save the fingers for self-application, and stick to a brush or sponge for applications on others.

Less is more

Avoid slathering a bunch on initially. Instead, use about a quarter size drop and distribute evenly to the entire face. Starting off with less will give you more control over where the product will go. It’s a lot easier to add more foundation later rather than trying to remove an amount in excess. Build the coverage up in layers as necessary and use a stipple motion to achieve fuller coverage.

Go down baby

Use downward strokes when applying foundation to cover the cheeks. Using this motion ensures that the tiny baby hairs remain flat against the face (and not stick out like peach fuzz!).

Buff and stuff

Use a buffer brush in a circular motion to blend out any excess foundation.

Ready, set, powder!

Set the foundation with a light dusting of powder to keep it longer lasting and combat shine. Powder should only be used once foundation is complete. Once the powder layer is in place, no more foundation should be applied atop of it.

Brush away

Clean your brush after each use to avoid breakouts, especially for cream products on the face.

Time to toss

Change or wash out your sponge every 2-3 uses.

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