BEAUTY 101 | Cream, Powder or Liquid Blush?

So now that we’ve got a handle on our foundation, it’s time to discuss blush and its benefits. Blush is usually an overlooked beauty product, as its benefits are more understated than a pair of red lips or smoky eyes. But blush done right can add youthfulness and even shave pounds off of your face! Blush generally comes in one of three forms: powder, cream and liquid. The type that is “best” for you will depend on the look you are aiming for.

Powder blush (see pic of Nars Blush at left) is the most common and easiest to work with. It offers more of a buildable, opaque look that can work for contouring or for a light dusting of the apples of the cheeks. Use it with a brush to get a professionally perfected look.

Cream blush (Lancome Colour Design Creme Blush pictured at right) is second in line in terms of the easiest blush to work with. It works great for a naturally flushed and dewy look. It is also ideal for mature skin, as it does not set into fine lines and wrinkles as powder blush would.

Liquid blush (see pic at left of Benefit’s Benetint) is the most difficult to work with. Once applied, the liquid is quick to dry and can leave a stain like effect. But when done properly, liquid blush should give a post-light-jog or post-coital glow! Work fast or you’ll end up looking like a blotchy mess!

I prefer to use powder and cream blushes (on myself and in my client appointments) as they are more friendly to work with. What’s your preference?

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