ARTIST TIP | The Art of Stippling

I remember the word “stippling” from my high school art class, where we had to use the technique for our lesson in pointillism. The term stippling also has a meaning in the world of make-up definitions and you’ll likely hear me and many other make-up artists reference the verb (in fact, many of you may use the technique without realizing it!).

What is stippling?
Stippling is a make-up application technique that is especially useful for building coverage. The act of stippling involves applying the make-up product with a light patting motion over the areas that need coverage. Many times I hear women complain that their foundation or concealer isn’t giving them the coverage they desire, but more often than not, the issue is that the method of application is all wrong.

Stippling applied
For instance, to camouflage unruly undereye circles, avoid applying with a swiping motion, as this tends to wipe away what you’ve already done. Instead, stipple and build up a layer of concealer on the problem area and stipple more layers as required (without going overboard!). Stippling is best accomplished with a sponge or even your most accessible tool – your finger! Just make sure you use the ring finger as it has the least amount of intensity and is perfect for working make-up around the delicate eye area.

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