ARTIST TIP | Carry What You Need

With the recent indulgence in make-up shopping, it was definitely time to do a kit purge and re-org. While rummaging through my kit, I came across a bunch of near-empty lipstick containers that were taking up unnecessary space and weight. Lipsticks seem pretty weightless individually, but adding 10 lipsticks to the kit means extra weigh-down, especially when there are alternate (and more efficient!) forms of transporting them! I did a recent post on the benefit of using palettes for aspiring make-up artists, but this tip is not limited to make-up artists only!

Rather than giving up on the near-empty tubes, here’s a tip on how to maximize the product to the very bottom. You don’t need to buy a fancy and over-priced lip palette (that has maybe one colour you like and three colours that are ok) when you can make your own! Just head to your local drugstore or even the dollar store to pick up a pill box. Yes, it’s not as presentable as a blinged-out Christian Dior palette, but it’s perfect for travel and ensures that even if you misplace it – no biggie – you still have the rest of the tube at home!

Ok, back to cleaning!

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