ARTIST TIP | Using Lipliner to Get the Look of Fuller Lips

This trick has been around for ages, but since my fantastic readers range from beginner to pro, I thought I’d share anyway! For ladies that really want to play up the lip volume, use a lip pencil first and trace just slightly outside the natural lip line. Don’t wander too far beyond the lip’s natural border, as the extended line will be too obvious. Blend the lipliner evenly in towards the centre of the mouth using a lip brush (this will help act as a base for lipstick). Use the lip brush to apply a matching lipstick over top and blend. To pump up the volume even more, add some gloss to the bottom lip. Gloss helps to reflect light and make the lips appear larger, as described here.

You can pretty much use any lipliner out there to do this, but make sure it’s creamy in texture so it glides on smoothly. It shouldn’t require too much effort to apply the lipliner; if you’re pressing hard just to get the colour to show up, then it’s a good time for a replacement! One of my favourite lipliners out there to work with is MAC’s Cremestick Liner – the colour glides on so smooth that you can use it to fill in the rest of the lip without worrying about it being too drying! Whichever lipliner you choose, be sure to blend it in well with the lipstick to camouflage the extension. Pucker up!

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