ARTIST TIP | Glitter for Any Age. Well, Almost.

Glitter is definitely a fun way to get dolled up for a night out, but it does have its limits. Most people can wear glitter, but I would recommend that methods of application adjust with age. Remember, we always want the make-up to draw in attention to the person wearing it rather than to the make-up itself. You are wearing the make-up rather than the make-up is wearing you! Follow these guidelines for some strategically placed glitter that will make sure you are the focus of the evening:


At this age, you can get away with just about anything when it comes to glitter. But you still don’t want to overdo it (glitter is one of those cases where you can have too much of a good thing)! Choose one area of the face to highlight with glitter. If you spread glitter all over the place, people won’t know where to look! To keep it fun and classy, add a little bit of glitter on the eyes and then some gloss to your lips. Now, you’re party-ready!

20s – 30s
Glitter is great for that evening holiday party, but pass on using it for daytime and at the office. For a night out, use a tiny bit and dust it atop your finished eyeshadow look. Move your head at different angles and see how the light picks up the gorgeous glimmer. Remember, less is more so keep the glitter to one area as well for a sophisticated glam look.

30s – 40s
Depending on your skin’s condition, women in this age range should be more weary of glitter, particularly when using it around the eyes. Glitter can make fine lines stand out and highlight uneven surfaces on the face. For lids that are more crepey, I would stray away from glitter completely. For smoother eyelids, use your discretion and apply glitter sparingly.

40s plus
On the face, stick to luminescent products and add just a hint of shimmer to the skin. Glitter can have an aging effect and give the impression that the wearer is trying to pull off dated looks from the past. No one wants to be labeled as having a look that’s stuck in the 70s! Instead, modernize the glitter look and use luminescent products. These products are much more forgiving as they distract away from fine lines, but still attract attention towards the main focus—you!

Moral of the story – glitter is fun, but it’s not meant to be overdone (unless disco goddess is your intended look!). A little goes a long way.

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