GET THE HOLIDAY LOOK | ‘Tis the Season for Glitter

For the next few posts, we’ll be focusing on festive looks to get you dolled up for your holiday parties. So while you’re focusing on prepping for the parties you’ll be hosting and shopping for the people on your list–don’t worry–we’ve got your make-up tips covered here!

GET THE LOOK | ‘Tis the Season for Glitter

It’s the season for tinsel so why not add a little glittery glam to your evening look? Try out these products to add a little bit of sparkle and a whole lotta glam this holiday season:

Annabelle Silverstar Glitter Mascara
As part of their recent Space Baby collection, Annabelle released a glitter silver mascara, aptly dubbed Silverstar. I initially was a bit taken aback by the idea of glitter mascara. Whenever I hear the word “glitter”, I have flashbacks to the ’80s and memories of dancing to Fame & Flashdance soundtracks and rocking the ever popular legwarmer look! Needless to say, glitter has come a long way. Glitter is no longer the chunky bits that churn up my memories of the 80s. Today’s glitter is finely milled with more of a subtle, but still eye-catching, sparkle.

In a mascara though? Whodathunkit?! But after giving Silverstar a test run, it turned out I was pleasantly surprised and an immediate convert!! Once applied, Annabelle’s Silverstar mascara made my lashes look like they had been kissed by diamonds! The effect is actually very subtle, but catches the light brilliantly as you blink and bat away those lashes (and believe me, you’ll be batting them even more!!).

I tried the mascara on its own a few times and then tried it again with a black mascara as a base. I preferred the look with the black base coat of mascara first. The black base coat helped give my lashes the necessary oomph factor to stand out (they need all the help they can get!). From there, applying the glitter mascara was like the icing on the cake!

Be warned that this mascara is highly reflective, so it takes a little bit to get used to seeing sparkles in the corner of your eye (think of when a snowflake catches your eyelash – similar to that feeling!). Either way, more excuse to flutter your sparkling lashes!

Glitter mascara is definitely a fun and super easy way to add sparkle to your evening out. So pop in it that purse, add a coat or two and bat those lashes (and the night) away!!

MAC Reflects Glitter
Similar to MAC Pigment (an artistrhi favourite!), MAC Glitter has the same staying power and potent shine, but with a larger sparkle finish. You can use this versatile product around the eyes, on the lips and on the body! Add it atop your eyeshadow, apply it over your gloss or mix in a tiny bit with your body lotion for a simply dazzling effect.

I was lucky enough to scoop up a container of Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter, which looks amazing when you add a tiny bit to your lotion for use as a highlighter. Teal Glitter also looks great atop blue eyeshadows (like we talked about yesterday), so layer it on for an extra pop!

Here are some more options for glitter around the eyes. (Note: Try only one glitter look on the face at a time…otherwise you may risk glitter overkill!):

1. Use glitter to highlight the inner corner of the eye. Layer it atop a highlighting eyeshadow for a stand-out look that makes the highlighting eyeshadow more visible from afar.
2. Use a tiny amount of glitter and place it on a tissue (you can control the amount better this way). Use the tip of your ring finger or a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator and lightly pat on the centre of the eyelid (where the eye is the most prominent). This gives a nice highlighting effect that truly makes the eye come forward.

Disclaimer: Glitter has its limits, so be sure to consult here on how to make glitter work for you!

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