PRODUCT REVIEW | Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual

I am always a fan of continuous learning, particularly when it comes to make-up. There’s so much interesting information out there to know in the constantly evolving world of beauty and beauty products. One of the latest books on the market, Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual, by the make-up artist herself helps to make sense of it all.

For the make-up novice, the book breaks down the basics of the generally overwhelming amount of products and tools out there. Beginners will find the thorough step-by-step photos and explanations on how to get Brown’s signature clean beauty looks very useful. What I especially love about Make-up Manual is that for most of the featured make-up looks, there is an accompanying section on how to cater the look for Asian eyes – a topic that is lacking in many make-up books out there!

For the make-up pro and aspiring artist, Make-up Manual features a whole second section called “Artistry”. This second section guides you through the steps required to break into the industry as a make-up artist. Bobbi shares everything from pro make-up artist tips for pro photography to the business side of being a make-up artist. There are tips on how to build a portfolio, what you need in your kit, the importance of proper bedside manner–and of course–hard work.

I picked up this book the last week of November and literally couldn’t put it down. I found it inspiring not only for the great make-up tips, but for the passion you could see that Bobbi Brown has for what she does. Who doesn’t love that?!! Make-up Manual makes a great read for make-up beginner and make-up pro alike. Pick up a copy today – it makes the perfect gift for the holiday season!

(…or you could just keep it for yourself too! Enjoy!)

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