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We’re closing in on those last few days of shopping for the Christmas season! For any last minute shoppers out there and any Junkies looking to spruce up their holiday looks – we have you covered! There are plenty of options to choose from with Lise Watier’s gorgeous limited edition Holiday Collection. Combine the products as below or mix and match as you prefer – the products and colours of this collection suit a host of skin tones and Christmas wish lists!

I. Lise Watier’s Magic Pearls Eyeshadow & Black Stars Eyeliner Pencil
Lise Watier’s Magic Pearls Eyeshadows ($20) are dome-baked in an eye-catching swirl of colour. Choose from one of three swirl combinations: Gold, Orchid or Teal. The pigmented eyeshadows glide on smoothly in a colour that first appears to be black – but as you tilt your head in the light, you notice a hint of either gold, orchid or teal. When paired with one of the matching eyeliner pencils [in Black Gold, Black Orchid & Black Teal ($16)], the result is absolutely eye-catching.

I sampled Magic Pearls Eyeshadow in Orchid, and the results were stunning. I paired the eyeshadow with the matching Black Stars Pencil eyeliner in Black Orchid, a deep violet colour with small light-reflecting sparkles. The result was a sultry smoky eye effect that’s perfect for an evening out. I love that the eyeliner is waterproof and long-wearing, which means you can party without worrying about exaggerated raccoon eyes!

ARTIST TIP: Use Magic Pearls Eye Pearls eyeshadow with some water or Lise Watier Magnifix (an eyeshadow mixing medium) to produce a more intense liquid liner like effect.

Believe me, once you take a look at these products – you’ll be thinking that they’re just too pretty to give away! So much for being done your Christmas shopping, but hey at least you’ll look fab for all that partying!

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