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Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I took a little break for the past two days, and I’m happy to be back on the blogging tip – just in time for looks for fast-approaching New Year’s Eve outings!

Lise Watier’s Holiday Collection (as I reviewed for Make-up Junkie) is a gorgeous make-up set to carry your party looks into the New Year. The signature look behind the collection is the Pink Diamonds campaign below, which makes a stunning look for when the ball drops this year! Read more and be sure to check out the many options of Lise Watier’s Holiday Collection 2008!

Make-up Junkie has been featuring Lise Watier products all week for the line’s stunning Holiday Collection that makes a great gift (to give or to keep!). This last installment will feature Pink Diamonds, the signature look and name of Lise Watier’s 2008 Holiday Collection, as featured on the model above.

The Pink Diamonds look features two key products from the collection: the Pink Diamonds Palette ($36) for mesmerizing eyes and Pink Icing Lipstick ($18) for a stand-out pout!

The Pink Diamonds Palette has five rich and pigmented shades that are perfect for that holiday look. The gorgeous colours of pearl white, vivid fuchsia, metallic silver, black sparkle, and gold shimmer come in a fashionable mock-croc container. Each eyeshadow glides on smoothly for vibrant colours that will last you well into the evening. Use all five eyeshadows simultaneously (as on the model above) or any combination your heart desires! You’ll have fun experimenting with the colours and textures of this palette, and you’ll have a multitude of looks to carry you forward into the New Year!

Lise Watier’s Pink Icing Lipstick is literally that – like icing on the cake! The creamy and metallic texture of this intense fuchsia looks and feels great on the lips. Use Pink Icing with Lise Watier’s Black Stars Pencils or Precious (Liquid) Eyeliners for a bold lip look. Or pair it with the Pink Diamonds palette for a dramatic look that will have you set for any holiday party! Watch out for that mistletoe :)

The signature Pink Diamonds collection is perfectly named – just like diamonds, the make-up of this collection is a girl’s best friend! Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!

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