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Check out the original post on Make-up Junkie!I love the all-encompassing 360-degree approach that Eyes by Design takes towards getting your best eyes yet! The Eyes by Design Ultimate Set aims to simplify the beauty process by including both the eye make-up and treatment products you need – all in one package. The user-friendly set also includes a manual that details how to use each of the set’s components and achieve different eye make-up looks with the palette. Check out our review of the Ultimate Set!

Transforming Eye Cream
A light moisturizer that aims to diminish the look of dark undereye circles and fine lines. The eye cream has a light serum consistency, and I only needed two pea-sized drops to cover each eye area. I have to admit I was quite surprised by the size of the 15 mL Eye Cream; it’s quite a generous sized jar to be part of a package like this (no complaints, here!). Yet, two weeks later after using it twice per day, there wasn’t a noticeable difference in the darkness of my undereye circles. But it did help my trusty concealer to glide on smoothly and give better coverage!

Retouching Cream (Eye Primer)
The eye primer is also formulated to eliminate the look of fine lines and dark circles. It has more of a gummy texture than the Transforming Eye Cream, but really smoothes out the surface of the skin it is applied to. I used it on the undereye area, but also on the eyelid to smoothe out the surface for eyeshadow application. It definitely kept my oily eyelids in check!

Transforming Eye Palette (Blue Eyes – Peach Shimmer, Taupe, Plum Brown, Bronze)
The four pan eyeshadow palette comes in shades that are designed to flatter each colour of the eye. I test ran the Blue Eyes set, and found it worked just as well for brown-eyed beauties! The overall pigment of the eyeshadows was good, but I would have preferred if the three of four shadows weren’t shimmer based. The peach shimmer makes for a beautiful highlighter, but may be a bit dark for fair-skinned blue-eyed beauties.

Lining Brush & Blending Brush
The kit also includes two soft-bristled and ergonomically friendly brushes. The brushes are fashioned with a “Design Grip”, which allows for easier control of the brush and aids in precise application. The Lining Brush can be used to define the eyebrows or as a subtle eyeliner tool when paired with one of the eyeshadows. The Blending Brush is great for building colour into the crease. I love that the brushes are full-sized and the fact that you can actually use them! How many times do we all buy products where we find the included brush useless?!

Eyes by Design also offers mascaras, brow and eyeliner pencils. You can purchase the sets online through the Home Shopping Network (www.hsn.com). The products are available individually, but scoop up one of the well-priced sets for a better deal! Enjoy!

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