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With plenty of flash photography going on, you want to be absolutely sure that your make-up is in check on the Big Day! A handy item to pack in your bridal purse is a package of blotting tissues. To use, simply press the blotting paper against any areas where you notice shine (pay particular attention to the T-zone area). Use a gentle patting motion (rather than a wiping motion) as you don’t want to shift the make-up that’s already been carefully placed on! The blotting tissue will pick up excess oil from these areas of the face and prevent a shiny t-zone from stealing your spotlight. Follow with up with a layer of pressed powder to keep your skin camera-ready.

: Using blotting tissues prior to powder touch-ups helps to limit that cakey look you sometime get when applying more powder. Once the blotting tissue has worked its magic to absorb excess oil, the powder will glide on better on a more uniform surface.

Recommended products:
Quo blotting tissues (approximately $6)
vailable through Shoppers Drug Mart

Body Shop blotting tissues (2 packages for $10)
assorted types including tea tree oil infused blotting tissues. Available through The Body Shop

More make-up tips to come!

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