NOTE | Monday Maintenance – twitter and blog import updates on!

It’s February and the site has been up for about a month now. The response has been amazing so far (thank you!) and we’re continually looking for ways to improve the site, with the help of your feedback. A couple of updates to the include:1. Adding an easy click tab in the top-left corner of each page. This quick-tab allows you to easily navigate between the artistrhi site and the artistrhi blog. Remember the artistrhi blog is the place to find all of the frequent updates, make-up artist tips and the behind the scenes look at The official site features a portfolio of work and details of services offered.

2. is now twitter-friendly! You can view all status updates related to the site and blog through this widget or you can follow me on Twitter here. How tweet it is! 3. The Blog tab on now gives a sneak peek of artistrhi the blog and imports the three latest posts. To view the full blog, keep checking or subscribe here.

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