BEAUTY 101 | Contouring the Cheeks

I find contouring an indispensable method. The modern contoured look is a lot more subtle, and definitely not the harsh lines reminiscent of the 80s (i.e. think Grace Jones). The trick to make contouring work is to make it look like it’s not there. When applied right, the (untrained) eye shouldn’t be able to detect your contour make-up. It should look like the hollows of your cheekbones – only better and deeper! To sculpt your best face yet, choose a shade that’s not more than 2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone. Remember darker colours make areas of the face recede, while using lighter colours act as a highlight. Be sure to avoid orange colours, as in some bronzers, as these will scream unnatural! Opt for a matte product, as this flat texture helps to absorb light and deepen the illusion of shadow. (Shimmer textures tend to have light reflecting particles and won’t provide the same illusion of depth).
How to apply:
Use an angled blush brush for a flawless application. The angled brush will deposit the majority of the product at the back of the cheekbone and automatically taper the application as it goes inward. For a better view, suck your cheeks in (fish face time!) to get a better view of where the hollows lie beneath the cheekbone. Concentrate the brush right at the top of the hollow and just below the cheekbone. Blend in towards the nose, stopping at two fingers width away from the nose.

Recommended products:
MAC #168 Large Angled Contour Brush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powders
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