PRODUCT REVIEW | Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner

Being product faithful sometimes makes you miss out on other great products that are on the market. As my go-to liquid liner, I’ve sworn by L’oreal’s Lineur Intense for as long as I can remember – even before I knew how to apply it properly! Fortunately, in my line of work as a blogging make-up artist, I come across clients that introduce me to products they love and make-up companies that also want to get the buzz going on new products they have available.

It’s been out for a couple of years now, but Cover Girl’s LineExact Liquid Liner only recently became a welcome addition to my personal kit. The compact-sized liquid liner makes it simple to get both thin and thick bold lines to frame the eyes; it’s literally like drawing your eye make-up on with a marker! My personal fave is LineExact in Black Brown – it’s a perfect colour to wear for day (not too harsh), and the smudgeproof factor of the liquid liner will easily carry your look through the night!

Great for beginners: For liquid liner virgins, Cover Girl’s LineExact is a great starter liquid liner. The marker-like tip of LineExact will give you greater control over where the product goes, versus a brush-tip liquid liner. (Remember liquid liner just takes practice!)

At under $9CAD per liner (and under $7CAD at!), Cover Girl’s LineExact Liquid Liner is a definite deal for the ease of application it provides. You can find it at your local drugstores, available in the following colours: Very Black, Brown, Smoke, Black Brown.

(….and you can find it in my make-up bag in Very Black and in Black Brown!)


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