NOTE | update on artistrhi and new album on facebook

The frequent posts have dwindled as of late, as my schedule has been amazingly stacked! Weddings, photoshoots, new products – tons of things to update here on the blog (just have to find the time to do it all!) I’m also taking a class in airbrushing and I can’t wait to officially add it to the repertoire of services. The effects are amazing, and I know many of my clients have been inquiring about it.

For those of you inquiring (particularly my make-up artist readers), I’ll post pics of the ZUCA MAC bag with all my stuff in it by early next week. The case is so handy and definitely worth the investment! But, of course, you can decide for yourself once you read the review :)

Lastly, I recently uploaded a new album to the artisthi Facebook group that gives a glimpse of the amazing people and all the fun stuff that goes on behind the scenes (along with further proof why I should remain behind the camera at all times ;) ) Enjoy!

Photo at right courtesy of Issha Marie

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