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Aside from applying foundation on your Wedding Day, an important part of putting your best face forward actually involves a little concealing. Using a quality concealer can help to eliminate the appearance of those little “problem” areas (like blemishes and undereye circles) that tend to stand out on camera. Foundation helps to balance out the skin overall, but if you’re like me, you need something a little more heavy duty to address the areas of concern! Enter concealer.

Just to make it easy on us, concealer (just like foundation) comes in different forms. The most common are a liquid concealer and a thicker concealer with a putty-like consistency. The best concealer texture for you will depend on the area you’re trying to cover up.

Covering up Under the Eyes
For underye circles, a creamy liquid concealer works best; it covers up the area without producing a cakey finish. Use concealer sparingly underneath the eye – too much concealer on this area of the face can draw negative attention to the undereye area, which completely defeats the purpose of the product you’re applying! If you have darker undereye circles, I would recommend first applying a pink or peach toned concealer to initially brighten the undereye area. Follow with your skin tone matching concealer for a flawless even-toned finish.

Camouflaging Blemishes
A liquid-based concealer will have too much “slip” to adhere to the oily surface of a blemish; a thicker cream-based concealer will have the right amount of stick to build up coverage that lasts. To conceal blemishes, choose a colour that matches your skin tone exactlly or one that is just a shade darker than your own tone. A darker shaded concealer helps create the illusion that the raised area of a blemish is receding – just be sure to blend into your foundation well so that the effect is seamless!

Powder And Go
Set your concealer application with powder. Under the eyes, use only a light veil of powder to avoid a cakey build-up. On concealed blemishes, you can apply powder more liberally, but blend edges well so that it diffuses into the skin. Once the skin is perfected, remember the rest of the make-up is like icing on the cake – great make-up always starts with this clean canvas!

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