PRODUCT REVIEW | MAC Dazzleglass and Rose Romance Collections


This past April was another lovely month for new MAC Collections. The aptly named Dazzleglass collection is a brilliantly sparkling set of glosses and mascaras. Both the glosses and mascara have finely-milled specks of glitter that catch the light beautifully and give that perfect lighter touch for spring make-up. The sheer glosses can be worn on their own for a glossy sparkle, or can be layered over your favourite lipstick for a different look [try Moth to a Flame (a sparkling pearly pink) or Goldylocks (a high voltage gold shimmer gloss)] pictured below . I love that the Dazzleglass formula isn’t overly sticky, as past MAC glosses. Stock up on these while they are available, as they are limited edition!The ad campaign for a second collection, Rose Romance, completely drew me; I just had to see what the collection was about from looking at the promo items! The collection features a few limited edition items and permanent staples to the MAC line-up. The colours of the collection are more subtle (think romantic), which are perfectly in tune with the lighter make-up routines we turn to for the warmer seasons ahead.

Fix+ Rose!
Delightfully, the Rose Romance colllection also comes with a new variation on my beloved Fix+ (a post-make-up moisturizer and setter that adds the perfect glisten to your application. I’m a huge fan!). Fix+ Rose is infused with all the good-for-your-skin stuff as the original formula, but also comes with the refreshing scent of rosewater. The rosewater scent has calming effects on the psyche and on your skin. It’s the perfect finishing touch and treat to your own make-up application or that of your client!

top photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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