NOTE | Behind the Scenes with Team Cheema

Katie rockin’ the pencil thin brows plus jewels on the eyelids look. You know, just adorned in her usual Sunday’s best ;)

Just capped off an amazingly busy week of make-up with a Team Cheema photoshoot (which always makes for a fantastic ending to the week)! Our two models are faces you may find familiar from having worked with them in the past: the gorgeous Katie and the lovely Ada!

The hair and make-up prep was done at Fiorio (Yonge/St. Clair) for a good 4 hours, and then we headed off to the studio to meet up with Nads. The theme of the shoot was a 1920s/1930s theme, so a key element to the make-up look I attempted was pencil thin brows. Now, instead of having to make our lovely models sacrifice their naturally gorgeous arches, I used a combo of glue, concealer, foundation AND powder to cover the brows, so that I could re-draw them on pencil thin. Fabs aka Fabio Persico did a wicked job on hair once again; I wish I could learn from him by osmosis! I loved the overall look we achieved here, so I made sure to get a couple of snaps with my camera phone (in other words, resolution quality isn’t at its finest but you get the point!):

Closer-up view of the thinned out brows + individual jewels placed on the lashline (yes, I’m slightly biased, but I love this look!)

Ada workin’ the thin brows plus feathers

@studio: Team Cheema and Ada (elongating those legs)!

Awesome shoot today! Now, to catch up on emails and blogging :) Stay tuned for more pics!!

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