Q & A | Smudging Liquid Liner

Q: I have really oily eyelids so anything I use seems to disappear or smudge in only a few hours. Based on your recommendation, I tried using one of L’oreal’s liquid liners, but find that it’s not working for me either. By the end of the day, my eyelids are still oily and the oils (I think) break down the liquid liner, making it smudge. I’ve almost given up on it, but are there any make-up artist tricks you can advise of? Thanks for the help!!

A: Great question! I used to have this issue when first starting to use liquid liner. In the early days, I experimented with using some concealer and powder on the eyelids to help act as a barrier between the natural oils on the lids and the liquid liner.

But once I discovered MAC Paints and MAC Paint Pots, I never turned back. Just choose a neutral colour that matches (or is slightly lighter) than the skin on your own eyelid for a natural effect. From the Paints, try Sublime Nature, Bare Canvas and Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Bare Study to see which one best suits your own skin tone. Either apply the product all over the lid from lashline up to the eyebrow or focus the application simply atop the eyelid. You may see some slight creasing later the day (especially if your eyelids are oily like mine!), but the liquid liner will definitely remain intact!

ARTIST TIP: MAC Paints and Paint Pots also double as a great base for eyeshadow application.

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