Here are the before and after results of a bridal trial with Krystal. Krystal’s wedding is approaching fast…this Saturday in fact! I went to high school with Krystal and hadn’t seen her since. It was really great to catch up with Krystal (it has been 10 years!) and to see that she’s doing so well with wedding et al, and of course, looking so great!

Key components to her look were liquid liner, false eyelashes and mascara – the combination of these products really helped to make Krystal’s beautiful eyes stand out! Remember when doing up the eyes, it doesn’t just stop at the eyeliner and mascara. For a complete and polished look, fill in the areas of the brow that may be sparse and apply concealer to camouflage any uneven skin tone under the eyes.

More pics to follow as we prep for Krystal’s Big Day!! :) Stay tuned!

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