GET THE LOOK | Marcelle Cosmetics Ultra-Glam Look Review

CONTEST ALERT!Marcelle Cosmetics is offering one very lucky artistrhi reader the chance to literally GET THE LOOK with their Fall 2009 Ultra Glam collection! Stay tuned for contest details!

In the meantime, I’ve been test running the items myself (don’t worry…you’ll get your own brand new Ultra Glam kit!). Here’s what the lucky winner will have to look forward to :)

Concealer Palette in Universal BeigeThis (aptly named) universally flattering palette contains four pans of creamy concealer, including a yellow colour correcting shade. I mixed the pink tone (see top left of the pan above) with the yellow (see bottom) to achieve the perfect shade of camouflage for my dark undereye circles. The texture of the concealer was smooth and creamy without being too thick. I was able to build up coverage without the concealer creasing into the fine lines around my eyes. Love!

ARTIST TIP: Apply some of the concealer atop the eyelid to act as a base for your eyeshadow application. This helps to prevent creasing throughout the day, and also helps the eyeshadow appear more intense and truer to its actual colour.

Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Quad in Blue Moon
This palette of blue-greys is a knock-out choice for blue-eyed gals (as in the Marcelle ad above)! Even though in my own smoky eye routine I normally reach for greys, browns and blacks, I really liked the overall look of the palette on my brown eyes. The blues of the palette are neutral enough that they work well with nearly any skin tone. I did have to dig at the navy eyeshadow a bit to get it to appear more intense. The pigment quality of the shadows is decent, but the shadows leave more of a blended and natural finish overall. The palette is a great option for anyone that wants to incorporate a little colour without going overboard!

ARTIST TIP: The beautiful thing about navy is that it makes the whites of the eyes seem brighter (anything that makes me look brighter and more alert scores high in my book!) Use a little water with the navy eyeshadow and it doubles as a brightening coloured eyeliner!

Khol Eyeliner in Soft Black & Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Very Black
A soft, khol eyeliner is essential when doing a smoky eye and Marcelle’s doesn’t disappoint: it smudges how you want it to but also holds in place making it a perfect choice for a gorgeous smoky eye. Everything stayed put and didn’t require a touch-up until my usual check-in of 4 hours. I have very oily lids so I tend to lean towards using liquid eyeliner, as it’s less check-up fuss. Thankfully, Marcelle sent over a liquid eyeliner too – see next!

I swear by liquid liner because of its long-lasting abilities, even through sweat and tears! Yes, liquid liner does take a little practice in order to achieve a steady and clean look…but often the choice of product also makes a difference in application. Marcelle’s liquid liner is a great choice for both beginner and pro liquid liner users. For the beginner, the full-size of the liquid liner gives your hand steady balance and control over where the line will be applied. For the pro, the super precise felt tip (see pic above – it’s as fine as a sharpened pencil!) allows you to achieve a very thin and fine line with ease. It’s as simple as using a marker to line your lashes. Easily one of my favourite liquid liners ever!!

ARTIST TIP: For added balance when using a liquid liner, rest your drawing hand on your cheek to counteract any shakinesss.

Volume Precision Mascara – Black
An ultra glam look would never be complete without a glammed up mascara! Mascara is like icing on the cake – everything is just better with it :) Marcelle must have heard about my lash gripes, because they sent over a volume precision mascara to help me achieve a full lush lash. I love the tiny stiff bristles of this mascara brush – I was able to get at all my tiny little lash hairs too! Check it out…another instant fave!
ARTIST TIP: Enhance the ultra glam look with a pair of falsies!! Apply false eyelashes and curl to blend with your natural lashes before applying Marcelle’s Volume Precision Mascara.

Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss – NudeA nude gloss is a great choice to balance out a strong eye look. I was weary to try this lip gloss out, because although my lashes need plumping, my lips do not! In fact, usually I try to de-emphasize the size of my lips. I’ve also had bad past instances with lip plumping formulas – from awful smelling formulas to irritated lip reactions – I usually shy away from a product if it has the word ‘plumping’ in it. I felt a very slight cooling sensation (like a mild Blistex sensation) when I first applied the gloss, but no overall discomfort nor negative skin reaction. In terms of ‘plumping’, although it defeats the intended purpose, the effect was (thankfully) not noticeable!

From the looks of the gloss in the tube, the colour appeared to be quite ‘bronze’ (and probably not a gloss colour I would usually buy). Once applied though, the colour neutralized the naturally red-pink colour of my lips to appear more of peachy nude colour. Overall, this Nude lip gloss makes a great choice of colour – it warms up the face and balances the cool tones of the Blue Moon smoky eye.

So, plenty of information here…stay tuned for the contest details on how to win your own Marcelle Ultra Glam look!!!!!!!! Here’s me after having fun with all the products:



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