PRODUCT REVIEW | Cream Highlighters. Salvation from Dull Skin.

Oh Old Man Winter! Ok, I know we’re not officially into winter just yet, but we might as well be with the colder weather AND the summer tan long gone by now!! If your skin is feeling a little lacklustre and you’re in need of a little make-up pick-me-up, a cream highlighter is a great make-up product to insert into your routine! Here’s my take on some tried and tested highlighters:

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener ($30 US)

Love this multi-purpose highlighter that has a slight touch of shimmer. Use it to highlight atop the browbone, blend down the temple and atop the cheekbone for shimmer kissed look. Secret Brightener blends with ease and leaves a smooth finish – use it underneath the eyes to instantly brighten the darkest of undereye circles (yes, even mine) and top off with your concealer.

Yves St. Laurent ($40 USD)

photo: YSL

Industry celebrated and award winning Yves St. Laurent’s Touche Eclat is a staple in the bags of make-up artists, beauty editors and models! This creamy highlighter gives smooth beautiful coverage in 4 different shades. Touche Eclat is marked at a hefty pricepoint of $40 USD, but the tube goes a long way (you only need to use a small amount per application!) Besides for a product touted as “8 hours sleep in a pen”, the benefits of having it far outweight the costs! What I love about this cream highlighter is that it doesn’t have any shimmer to it. I even like to swipe a stripe of it down the middle of the nose and blend it for a streamlined look!

Face Atelier

I swear by Face Atelier’s foundations. The silicone-based formula is universally flattering to all skin types, but particularly a great choice for those with dry skin (and we all know with winter, everyone’s skin is feeling a bit tighter/drier!). FACE Atelier’s Ultra Sheer Pro highlighters are equally as lovable. The silicone-based formula glides on lightweight and blends easily into the skin. You can easily incorporate it into your routine by applying it overtop your foundation or adding it to either your foundation or moisturizer! Mix it with your foundation (ideally also silicone-based) for an instant dewy finish…or add a bit to your moisturizer and apply all over for a healthy and luminous skin glow! Ultra Sheer Pro comes in several tones including Opal (a pearl highlighter), Champagne (a pinky tone that can double as a blush), Peach (can also double as a blush) and Bronze (for a bronzed glow! self-explanatory!). Endless options, but always gorgeous looking skin!!

Benefit’s Moon Beam

photo: Sephora

Ok as much as I try to be objective…or at least highlight the positive points about a product, I don’t know what all the hype is about with Benefit’s Moon Beam highlighter! (Moon Beam is always a feature product in beauty mags, and was even garnered the coveted Allure’s Editor Choice Award). It takes a good amount of practice to get the hang of Moon Beam’s consistency. Mind you, I do like the nail polish applicator that makes the product easy to apply…and the formula is potent – we’re talking high-shine (I’ll give Benefit props on that!) But in terms of overall usability, this product is not for the beauty novice, nor for the slow-fingered. Best technique of application: use the nail-polish like applicator to apply a series of tiny dots along the area you want to highlight, and then blend thoroughly (and immediately!). Moon Beam can be great for photoshoots because of the stark and concentrated highlighting contrast, but for an everyday routine, a little goes a long way!!

Important note:
Remember, a highlighting product will only work well on hydrated and healthy skin – it’s not meant to replace a good moisturizer! :)

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