BEAUTY 101 | Fringe Benefits

Anyone who knows me knows that 1. the above is not a picture of me, but rather the gorgeous Camilla Belle and 2. I’m quite attached to my long hair (having had pretty much the same ‘do for the past few years!). The most drastic thing I’ve done to my hair in the last 10 years is either highlight it or get my bangs cut, similar to Camilla’s full-on fringe above. I know, i know – I’m quite the risk taker ;)

I’ll admit there’s something about bangs that does make me feel more youthful. Maybe it’s nostalgia…and the fact that I spent the better part of my teenage years trying to emulate Shannen Doherty’s character, Brenda, on 90210! LOL….oh my.

Either way, I love how bangs can instantly change the look of your hair without having to sacrifice length. Yes, it’s a slight security blanket, but getting a full-on fringe has several other benefits for you to consider:

1. Bangs instantly make you look younger.
(…and we’re not talking bowl-cut youthful either!) The phrase “bangs are the new botox” could be heard in many salons this year. At the end of the day, cutting your bangs to conceal those lines of ‘experience’ is waaay more affordable option than a botox appointment.

2. Eyebrows can grow..secretly.
Longer bangs are the perfect way to disguise eyebrows that are in transition. I’m a tweeze-a-holic, so it’s hard for me to stop once I start. A full-on fringe lets my sparse and over-tweezed brows get their grow-on…out of sight, out of mind!

3. It doesn’t take (me) as long to get ready!
A full-on fringe also draws immediate attention to the eyes and spares the time/effort I usually spend on eyeshadow application. You definitely still want to accentuate the eyes with strong eyeliner (either a liquid liner or even coloured eyeliners work beautifully in this case), and then finish the look with a bright pop of colour on the lips. Bangs = beauty made easy!

Bang on!

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