NOTE | New Year, New (Beauty) Resolutions

Aside from the usual resolutions that have resurfaced (i.e. losing 15 lbs with all the holiday over-eating – no joke!), this New Year I vow to:

Be less brand snobby.
Can you really blame a girl for sticking with what works? I’ve learned from the various samples I’ve received and from different bloggers’ reviews that there are a wealth of quality products out there. Time to expand my beauty horizons! In all honestly, it’s a good back-up plan – when that daily go-to product gets discontinued, at least I’ll have a plan b. Niice!

Wash my face thoroughly before I go to sleep.
I’ll admit this is one area where I should practice more what I preach. I have no excuse as my medicine cabinet is armed with an artillery of cleansers and make-up removers. One thing that I recently started using regularly on myself (although they’ve been around forever) is Shiseido Facial Cotton. The cotton pads feel like a dream (which is always welcome – especially on super-delicate areas like the eyes), but leave no cotton residue behind. Essentially, anything that facilitates the make-up removal process is a winner with me!

Stop picking my zits! I know, what am I…13?!
I tell myself each time I pick a budding zit (and make it 10x worse), but I never learn! It never fails, after poking and prodding a minor (but stubborn) spot of acne, it soon erupts into a full-blown acne vortex. Mind you, the only good thing about picking zits is that it has forced me to learn how to cover them (plus any resulting scars) up properly!

Get more sleep!
In the past, I’ve been known to sacrifice sleep in the name of waking up for my usual beauty routine. (My friends always make fun of the times I would wake up bright and early to do make-up, even while we were camping! Unfortunately, I kid you not!). Lately, with late nights of blogging/admin and early 5AM mornings of getting ready for work, there’s only so much make-up can do. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, but I find even the best concealer can’t compensate for a good night’s rest!

It’s the New Year…what are your resolutions? Maybe you’re contemplating a new look? Check out this post to prep yourself for change: ARTIST TIP | New Year, New Look.


  • January 5, 2010

    Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist

    I'm definitely w/ you on the sleep, zit picking and washing face before bed lol.

  • January 6, 2010

    Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist

    I know! somebody had to say it, right?!

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