Here are the results from a bridal make-up trial with beautiful Jess!! (Click to enlarge the pics).

For Jess’ trial, we went for a subtle make-up look to bring out her naturally gorgeous features. The key steps to getting her make-up look were: i). slightly filling in her naturally gorgeous arches and ii). adding false lashes. With filled-in brows and falsies on, I only needed to use a minimal amount of eyeliner (mainly to hide the false eyelash band) to bring out her eyes while keeping the look ‘natural’.

On a side note, I still really wish my own brows could grow back, but that’s what I get for tweezing them in grade six! :)
Can’t wait for Jess’ Big Day in May…and the warmer temperatures that accompany that month! Hope everyone is having a safe and snowy weekend! :)

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