WEDDING | Doing Your Bridal Trial

Attention brides-to-be!

If you’re still on the look-out for a make-up artist and/or hairstylist for your Big Day, here are some more tips on how to prep (and make the most!) of your trials to ultimately pick who (or what’s) best for you!

1. Trials. Do them.
It’s always best to go for a consultation with your prospective artist. After you’ve deduced your choices from viewing portfolios and/or sorting out referrals from trusted sources, you’ll want to meet with the person you’ll be entrusting your Big Day look to. You’ll be working with them closely on such an important day as your Wedding, so it’s essential to make sure you’re comfortable with them! The prospective artist should be listening to what your preferences are and should also be making the effort to build rapport with you.

2. Look through magazines and bring pictures with you.
Start thinking of looks. A make-up artist is not a mind reader (I wish!), so having a good sense of what you want will help your artist produce that look for you.

Choose from looks in magazines, on the Web, or what drew you to your Artist’s portfolio. Show what you love and even show what you hate to your make-up artist! Pictures (versus words) will better convey what look you’re after. I always remind my clients to remember to be realistic about skin tones and eye shapes when choosing pictures and looks! In the end, you’ll get better results when you can predict outcomes.

3. Wear white (or off-white, depending on what your wedding dress colour is).
Lighter colours reflect light off the face and make it appear brighter, which in turn can affect how your make-up appears. Wearing a colour that mimics your wedding dress will help you see what amount of make-up you feel best in …and if that dramatic smoky eye look may feel like too much make-up when paired with your white dress!

4. Take pictures and evaluate the make-up in different lighting.
Flash photography tends to wash out colour. Be sure the make-up still has impact (and that you like how it looks) in both natural and artificial light. See Mary’s example below:

Mary’s before – natural light:

Mary’s after – in natural light:

Mary’s after – with camera flash:
5. Invite one to two trusted people to sit in on the trial.
Opinions from others you trust can help with your decision, but too many opinions can also lead to confusion and stress. Limit your audience to a couple of people you trust, but have an idea of what you want too!

6. Schedule your hair trial on the same day. If possible, schedule a dress fitting on the same day.
There’s nothing like putting the look all together that can lead to one of those ‘a-ha‘ moments! Pairing the finished make-up and hair with a dress fitting will help you visualize if all the pieces fit well together, or if it’s back to the drawing board!

..that is why they’re called ‘trials‘ after all!

Good luck and hope this helps!


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