PRODUCT REVIEW | Cream Blushes from MUFE and Mary Kay

I was initially intimidated by cream blushes.  Similar to that fear that some women have of using liquid liner, it just seems easier to work with the alternative to cream blush – powder blush….I mean, why mess with a good thing, right!?!  Yes, sometimes I need a little encouragement to try new things too :)

Maybe in the past I was using cream blushes that were too drying, or maybe I was using tools that weren’t the best for applying them…but since trying the latest in cream blush releases,  just call me a convert!  I’ve been using cream blushes for a few months now (yes, meant to share about them earlier!), and I adore the sheer, natural-glow texture it leaves on the skin (and my clients love it too!).  Applying cream blush has now become a part of my daily routine!!  Here are the products I’m lovin’ to get that natural glow:

Mary Kay Cheek Glaze
Mary Kay’s Cheek Glaze has a light gel texture that is sheer and easily buildable (aka foolproof).  I like to use my fingers for application, but find that a small fibre brush blends the product beautifully as well.  I particularly love the Pomegranate shade (a bright pop of cherry that gives that flushed, ‘just went for a jog’ look) and find that it’s a shade that works across many skin tones.

Cheek Glaze is one of those perfect summertime products for when you want your routine to be lighter and less fussy – just stuff this in your purse as you don’t need a brush to apply it…AND it can also double as a lip stain.  The Cheek Glaze is limited edition and available through Mary Kay consultants (in fact, it might not even be available anymore as these were sent to me in February(?!)).  That being said…not to rub it in or anything, but I’ll be sure to cherish my little container of the limited edition glaze all season long.  :)

Make-up Forever HD Cream Blush
MUFE’s HD Cream Blushes are an artistrhi kit essential.  Just like with many MUFE products, you only need a tiny amount for some seeeriously pigmented colour.  Love.  For best results, I like to apply HD Cream Blush with a brush in small circular motions, starting at the apples of the cheeks and upwards towards the ear (pretty much in the same direction I would apply my powder blush).  To minimize any wasted product, refrain from doing a full pump – just press (even lightly tap) the squeeze pump down 3-4 times and you’ll have enough product for both cheeks.  One more thing to love:  with playful names like Nip Slip, Walk of Shame and PDA, you’ll literally be blushing as you find the right shade for you!

ARTIST TIP:  Layer your cream blush underneath your powder blush for a concentrated and longer lasting look….and oh yeah, blend!


  • June 29, 2010


    Love these blush choices as well!! My fave technique cream blushes under powder blush! :)

  • November 8, 2011

    Krystal White

    I’m a consultant for Mary Kay and the cheek glaze is one of my favorite products and we do still have it!:)

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