BEAUTY 101 | Applying Cream Blush

BEAUTY 101 | Applying Cream Blush
Cream blush is one of those products that I don’t know why I didn’t add to my daily routine sooner! Perhaps it’s an improvement in my own application technique, or a change in the product’s formulations…either way today’s latest cream blushes are way more user-friendly and most importantly, they look sooo gorgeous on! Once applied, cream blush leaves the cheeks with a beautiful glow that looks seamless…and well, just natural.  Love!!

Cream blush is the perfect option for summertime for when the weather becomes too warm and fussy for a face full of powder.  Applying cream blush is easy – try these tips for a natural flush:

  • Apply your primer + foundation (or tinted moisturizer) first to create a balanced canvas.
    If you don’t use foundation, use oil blotting papers to remove any excess oil from the skin – this will help the cream blush to glide on smoothly and evenly.
  • Don’t powder just yet!
    Cream blush should go on before any powder to avoid a ‘cakey’ look.  Save that light dusting of translucent powder for the final step!
  • To control the amount of cream blush you use, first set aside what you need.
    Pump some cream blush on the back of your hand if from a pump dispenser or use a spatula to remove a small amount of the product if from a jar/container.   (Bonus!  Doing so will help to keep your product as sanitary as possible).
  • Use a brush (1) or your fingers (3) to apply the cream blush.
    I find that using a brush consistently produces the best results (try MAC brushes in 131, 188 or Make-up Forever’s Blush Brush #55N).
  • Use a small circular motion to apply the cream blush.
    Start at the apples of the cheeks and move diagonally upwards, using the cheekbone as a guideline (2).  Essentially, apply it similar to how you would apply your powder blush!  …and of course, blend!!
  • Heavy-handed?
    If you apply too much (it happens!), use your fingers to blend it out (3) or use a clean sponge (4) to blend away the excess.

BEAUTY 101 | Applying Cream Blush

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