ENGAGED | Lorraine + Ar-jay by Claudia Hung

Meet Lorraine + Ar-jay – the latest stars of the claudia hung weddings x artistrhi e-shoot collaboration!!  How can you not smile looking at these two?!  I had such a great time with Lorraine + Ar-jay, as we played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and tried to figure out what Filipinos we knew…or were related to each other through :) :)  Good times!

Congrats, Lorraine and Ar-jay!  Can’t wait to see Claud’s pics of your Big Day!!  See more with this cute couple on artistrhi and on Claud’s blog.

Photo:  Claudia Hung (www.claudiahungweddings.com)
Make-up:  Rhia Amio (www.artistrhi.com)

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