UPDATE | happy 9-02-10! artistrhi x jason priestley

Depending on how your organize it, today’s date September 9, 2010 can also be translated to 9-02-10!  I thought it’d be fitting to talk about the awesome opportunity I had to work with Jason Priestley last week.  Jason stars in a new show coming to HBO Canada entitled Call Me Fitz.  He was in Toronto working the media circuit for the show’s upcoming debut, and I did his make-up (and make-up for the show’s creator Sheri Elwood) for the press junket!

Sooo, the dish on Jason?  He’s such a cool guy and literally doesn’t sweat….I mean look at him in the picture below – he’s the only one that’s not shiny!

(l to r): me, HBO Canada rep, Jason Priestley, Sheri Elwood, HBO Canada rep

…so even though I referenced this post as 9-02-10, I actually strayed away from asking Jason about the show.  Nor did I confess that I had the Brenda haircut back in the day (and that I cut those bangs myself  and it looked that way! bad move) and that I was in love with Dylan!!  lol!!  Anyway, here’s the brilliant trailer from Call Me Fitz – I’m loving the dark humour and can’t wait to catch a full episode!

Call Me Fitz debuts September 19th on HBO Canada.

Lastly, I realize males aren’t my usual target demographic here on the blog, but I thought it’d be fitting to insert some male grooming tips:

1.  Moisturize.
Hydrated skin looks better on everyone, no matter what sex!   Choose a moisturizer with an SPF and apply twice daily…and don’t forget about the lips!  Apply a clear lip balm to keep lips soft.

2.   Tweezing is ok, but stray hairs only please.
There’s nothing like the power of a good brow:  they frame the face, open the eyes and accentuate bone structure.  On gents, I prefer only the stray hairs to be tweezed and shaped (no Jersey Shore brows please please PLEASE!).  For unruly brows, some trimming may be required.  If you’re unsure about this, simply have a pro do it for you.  Use an eyebrow brush to sweep the hairs upward and set with some clear mascara or hairspray (if truly unruly!)

3.  Less is more.

With everything moving towards high-definition, traditional pancake make-up for tv is passé.  When doing make-up for men, the goal is to be corrective.   Apply foundation and concealer where necessary to balance out undereye circles, redness and any other uneven tones in the skin.  Use a light hand and be sure to blend thoroughly.  Avoid applying make-up on facial hair (it’s ok to go lightly over stubble, but be sure to blend!).  Set with a light dusting of powder and you’re camera ready!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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