WEDDING | (long overdue) update!

It’s been the longest while since my last blog post…and what better way to get back into it than a pic update of an amazingly busy wedding season (that continues straight through to the end of November…wowza!)

Here are some pics of the brides I was truly fortunate to work with…see more with them on artistrhi weddings!

Wedding planning is never straightforward, but Vinci’s path leading towards the Big Day was one challenged by a serious illness.  From the time she informed me of what she was going through (which would make many others consider postponing their wedding), I got the sense that I was working with a very strong woman with such a beautiful spirit.  I had a very small part in the Big Day, but I’m sure I can attest for everyone when I say that Vinci’s Big Day was just that much more meaningful.  Thankfully, Vinci is well on the path to recovery with the support of a loving husband and family…and of course with the self-support of the strong foundation that she is. Vinci is a stunning bride and a just a wonderful person, emanating beauty from the inside out.  Sometimes you never realize how working with people will touch your life….Vinci is an inspiration to say the least and I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with her.  Love love.
(Photo above courtesy of Geehae Jeong.  Hair by Ming Cheung)

the lovely Anne – loved her vintage glam look…and well, her!  Aside from being such a relaxing morning with a beautiful bride, Anne’s Big Day was also a day of random encounters + six degrees of separation…I ran into a photographer that I worked on Andrea‘s wedding with. We spent half the time playing 20 questions and trying to figure where we knew each other from….and then, Anne’s hairstylist was also a friend of Fabio, a talented hairstylist that I did many a creative shoot with! Yep, small world to say the least!

the beautiful and sweet-hearted Emily! Emily’s wedding is the first Monday wedding I’ve ever done, but I guess that’s how it goes – people get married outside the summer months and really on any day of the week now! Hair was done by the amazing Suzie Choi with the wonderful help of Jeana. A huge special thanks to the super-talented Joy of Make-up Junkie for helping to doll the ladies up make-up wise! It was amazing to see how many of us ladies were in one hotel room prepping the bridal party of 8!  Now, that’s what you call a party!!

Caroline was another classy, gorgeous and easy-going bride with an equally amazing bridal party! Cool brides make for a great time, but it always make for the best mornings to see an awesome team of Claud and Gee working the lens, along with Suzie and Jeana rocking the hair…our brief encounters as we prep the bride are always like mini reunions. Fun times with the Dream Team! ;)
(Photo above courtesy of Claudia Hung Weddings)

I’m very lucky to work with such wonderful people and to have the amazing memories that result…it’s easy to see why more and more I love what I do! Much, much more to come!!

Thank you :)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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