ENGAGED | Michelle + JR by Joee Wong Photography

Soooo…did you check out Joee‘s site like I mentioned in my last post?!  If you did, you would have come across Joee’s gorgeous engagement shoot with awesome couple Michelle + JR!  Michelle and I met up for a little make-up prep prior to the engagement shoot – we did airbrush + eyelashes, but that glow is all hers!!

As we were getting ready, Michelle and JR were mentioning how anxious (and well maybe nervous!) they were to have their pictures taken.  I mean, c’mon now it’s not everyday you have someone taking photos of you over an extended period of time, and particularly for such intimate moments, right?!  Enter the touch of a true professional like Joee Wong, and Michelle and JR were obviously put at ease to be themselves in front of the camera….I mean check out these cute solos below!

The world gets smaller…
Michelle found me through a couple of mutual friends, including another Michelle – one of my brides from 2008!  2008 was one of my very first busy years with weddings (let’s say 20+ weddings for the year) and looking at those pics, it’s amazing to still have that feeling of absolutely loving what I do….and truly, wonderful  couples like Michelle + JR (and photogs like JW) are among the reasons why!!

See Joee’s site for more fun with these two!  Stay tuned for Michelle + JR’s Big Day in April 2011 (which will be here before I know it!!)


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