One of the most anticipated events for make-up artists and make-up lovers alike is happening in Toronto this weekend:

Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road
Sat. Nov. 6th • 8:30AM-5PM
Sun. Nov. 7th • 10:00AM-5PM
Tickets – $40 at the door

I’m very excited about the exhibitors including artistrhi faves Crown Brush, Embryolisse, FACE atelier, Kett Cosmetics, Make-up Forever, NARS, MAC, Obsessive Complusive, Stila, Yaby and the list goes on (…in fact, I might as well name off the exhibitors that I’m not quite as excited about, as that list would be shorter!).

If you plan on attending and joining in the make-up fun, be sure to check out the following brands + products (but don’t go too crazy – I can’t make the first few hours so save some of the good stuff for me to buy too!!)

Crown Brush – offers good brushes at amazing prices.  Great for starter make-up artist kits or for those wanting to add back-up brushes to their kit.  I’ll be stocking up on their disposables like mascara wands and lip brushes :)

Embryolisse – oh Embryolisse and your 24 Hour Miracle Cream…we’ve been apart for too long!!!  The 24 Hour Miracle Cream works as a moisturizer, primer, make-up remover and shaving cream – yes, quadruple threat!! I used this stuff to the very last drop and even cut the container open to make sure none of the product was wasted.  Yes indeed it’s time to stock up on some more of this good stuff.

FACE atelier – another artistrhi kit essential.  This foundation is a personal and client fave.  My brides love how it looks and feels, and photographers love how it performs for the camera.  This past summer, I restocked my kit with the latest additions to the amazing set of foundations – the Women of Colour Ultra Pro Foundation set.  With that set, I pretty much have (or can mix) any shade needed with the four adjuster colours….and having the right colours + tools is essential to this girl’s artistrhi!  See more of my love for Ultra Pro Foundation here.

Kett Cosmetics – I love Kett for my airbrush supplies.  After an amazingly busy wedding season, it’s time to stock up on more Hydro Proof Make-up – my brides love this stuff for its long-lasting budgeproof abilities (….and I do too…now, if only it were worth it to apply it on myself everyday!)

Make-up Forever – MUFE is one of my absolute favourite brands – I’m always like a kid in a candy store with their products!  I have a feeling that MUFE stuff is going to go fast tomorrow, and if you’re among the lucky ones to get your hands on some goods, check out anything in their HD line (I love the primers, the concealers and the blushes), the Aqua Eyes cream shadows and the Flash Creams (and then call me jealous!).  Oh wait, there’s also the Rouge Artist lipsticks!  I’ll be making a straight beeline for the MUFE booth.  Be warned.

MAC – MAC is a staple in every artist’s kit because just like MUFE, they get the artist and the make-up lover!  From brushes to palettes to a huge colour array of foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows and more, you’ll never leave empty-handed…which is great for my kit, but unfortunate for my wallet.  :)

Yaby – Yaby is another amazing line built with the make-up artist in mind. Aside from being created and operated by a Canadian, Yaby’s design is genius.  Yaby condenses everything into palettes and the set of palettes can literally fit in your purse, but still comprises a full kit of colour.  It’s perfect for the commuting artist and for the travelling beauty lover….all the colours you need are at your fingertips without having to pack everything!!  You can buy pre-determined sets or customize your own palette too.  Loves!

The list goes on, but you’ll just have to go and play make-up for yourself….see you there!!  :)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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