WEDDING | Bridal Beauty with Tu-Le

See a bridal beauty breakdown of Tu-Le’s eye make-up after the jump!

1. Prep the lids with an eyeshadow primer to help your eyeshadow work overtime on a day like your wedding!

– MAC Paint
– Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer
– Cover Fx Eyeprep Fx

How to: Use a brush or your ring finger (least amount of pressure/intensity) to distribute and blend the eye primer over the eyelid area. Work with speed as many primers have quick drying times!

2. Use a medium shade of eyeshadow to apply all over the lid. Foolproof method: stick to a colour no more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Applying this first eyeshadow shade will help the darker colours atop of it blend easily.

How to: Use a wide shader brush or even the sponge applicator that usually comes with the palette. Keep the medium shade concentrated on the eyelid, and blend upwards just slightly above the crease.

Use a pencil tip brush (aka crease brush) with the darkest shade.  Apply back and forth into the crease to add depth to the hollows of the eyes.
For some added glam and a  three-dimensional effect, dab a highlighting eyeshadow with a  shimmer finish right atop the foremost part of the eyelid.  This will catch the light beautifully as you blink (…and as you close your eyes for that “I do” kiss).
Fill in the brows using an angled brush + brow powder.  Use light, feathery strokes and draw in the direction of hair growth.
For an eye-catching and wide-eyed effect, use a set of false lashes.  I always recommend false lashes to my clients, as it’s one of those things you can do for an enhanced look without looking like you’re ‘wearing make-up’!  Eyeliner and eyeshadow obviously look like make-up, whereas with wearing false lashes people notice something different but just can’t put their finger on what!  Curl and add mascara to blend the falsies with your own natual lashes.
To keep your false lashes a secret, you’ll need to line atop the lash band to blend it with the natural lash line.  I prefer to use a liquid or gel liner to achieve this, as both are long-lasting and smudgeproof.

Bridal beauty is easy…especially with brides like Tu-Le! Thanks Tu-Le!! ♥

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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