PRODUCT REVIEW | MAC Pro Longwear Foundation & Concealer

Great make-up always starts with a great base…so what’s not to love about a great base that goes the distance?!   Enter MAC’s Pro Longwear Foundation – the latest in an already huge artillery of foundation products offered by MAC.  Pro Longwear works overtime to give 15 hours continuous coverage.  See more after the jump!

Packaging. MAC’s Pro Longwear foundations and concealers come in user-friendly pump dispensers. The pump dispenser is a welcome change especially for the concealers (previous MAC concealers I had tried came in either a pot or tube-with-wand form).

Before and After: MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation (NC35) and Concealer (NC30) on the right

Foundation. Pro Longwear Foundation provides light to medium buildable coverage.  The overall finish is more matte vs. dewy – so matte in fact that a minimal amount of powder is needed to set it (at least for my normal to combination skin type and unless of course you’re into that early 90’s heavy matted look!).  Absolutely not recommended (!), but I actually fell asleep with Pro Longwear on, and sure enough my face was still powdery smooth when I woke up!  (mind you, I sleep 6 hours max on any given night but most of my days do go 16 hrs+).

Overall, I do prefer more of a dewy and lightweight feel to my foundation, so for everyday wear, I found this works best for me when I actually thin it out with a bit of MAC’s Strobe Cream moisturizer.  I prefer the lighter finish and that my skin still looks like…skin!  For that reason, I’d probably still stick to my fave Face and Body foundations by MAC, but Pro Longwear is definitely a great option for ladies who need their make-up to go the distance and for those who find their usual make-up tends to fade before the work day is done (ahem, hello brides and for ladies with oily skin types!).

TIP:  To also soften that too-matte look, I like to spray with MAC’s Fix+…a couple of spritzes of this magic potion helps to give that lived-in type of look to a base that’s gone too flat/matte.

Concealer. Pro Longwear concealer (picture above in NC30) is super opaque as you’ll see in the bottom left photo.  One pump distributes more than enough product to cover both undereye areas and any other small uneven areas on the face.  The concealer was a bit thick than what I like for my undereye area, but it worked well on my uneven skin tone + blemishes.  I had a zit on the chin (yep, cropped that out!) that was in its early pesky and oily stage – and by day’s end, the Pro Longwear foundation + concealer was still in tact hiding the blemish well without shifting and looking crusty.  I know, nice visuals, right!?  Hence the crop. :)

MAC Pro Longwear Foundations and Concealers are available at MAC counters and MAC stores.  For those who want a lasting base, Pro Longwear products are definitely worth a look…and a second look 10 hours+ later! :)

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  • November 30, 2010


    hi Rhia! Does LW concealer sneak into fine lines? And does it crack at the end of the day? thanks! :)

  • November 30, 2010


    Hmm, was wondering about the concealer for my death circles – definitely gives amazing coverage! Did you find it settle into any fine lines near the eyes – wait u don’t have any! LOL

  • November 30, 2010


    Great review! I really like the concealer as well. :) Hides my dark circles instantly!

  • November 30, 2010

    rhia amio, make-up artist

    @Yang – Initially I thought it was too thick, but my problem at first was I was using too much, as the pump would dispense too much and I didn’t want it to go to waste! The concealer is long-lasting…doesn’t fade and creep into fine lines. Just don’t use too much of it and use a brush to apply and blend properly.

    @Joy – ummm hi yes I do!! did you see the before pic, lady?! and puh-lease, you do not have death circles!! The concealer gives good coverage on its own, but I still need a lil’ erase paste / peach highlight to brighten the under eyes area.

    @Arianne – ok, now you don’t have dark circles! seeeeriously!

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