PRODUCT REVIEW | CoverGirl Liquiline Blast

I’ve been on a pencil eyeliner shopping kick as of late, especially since trying Sephora’s Little Black Eye Liner kit…and likely in a subconscious effort to slowly wean myself off the liquid liner as I approach another birthday.  :)  Liquid liner is reliable, which is why it’s always been my go-to, but it also gives a stronger, bolder look…which can start to look too harsh over time….and with age.  Ahem.  Catch my drift?

I gave up on pencils long ago simply because they didn’t last….even with long-lasting tips like ‘using lid primers’ and ‘layering-with-powder-atop’ tricks, I just couldn’t find a pencil liner that worked for me….at both the drugstore and department store level!  So after all the years and lost dollars in pencil liners (aka 15 years of liquid liner devotion), imagine my initial shock when I was pleasantly surprised by the results of using CoverGirl’s Liquiline Blast – a pencil liner avail at your local drugstore nonetheless!!

Liquiline is so easy to work with – one end has the pencil for drawing, and the other end has a smudging tip.  It glides on smoothly with a creamy and rich formula – we’re talking bold and intense liquilines here with no dragging of the delicate skin area!  (Yes, let me reiterate this is a pencil eyeliner available at your local drugstore.  No need to press really hard for colour to appear!  Yes, times have changed…me of little faith!)  Lasting power is impressive with zero fade-out and a minimal amount of smudging.

In fact, I would say it’s pretty much smudgeproof – I have one eye that always tends to be more watery than the other and it proves to be a true challenge for ANY ‘waterproof’ products I use.  With Liquiline, there was only slight smudging beneath that one problem eye, and I’ve had similar slight-smudge results even when using ‘longer-lasting’ gel liners and Make-up Forever’s Aqua Eyes Eyeliner (which I still consider an artistrhi fave!).  Other women I know and clients I work with have had amazing success with the same ‘long-lasting’ liners….so I myself know not to be disillusioned that one day my body chemistry will magically change, and BOTH of my eyes will completely agree with pencil liners!  To compensate for my one eye’s shortcomings, I’ve just learned to pack q-tips, and touch up with some undereye concealer by lunchtime.

(…or maybe just maybe I will retain my devotion to liquid liner for another year….and touch base on this topic during the next birthday!!)

Either way, I do love CoverGirl Liquiline – its long-lasting ability and intense colour pay-off make it a perfect transition as I try to lessen my own heavy dependence on liquid liner.  You’ll find Black Fire in my personal kit and Black Fire, Brown Blaze and Silver Spark as part of my client kit (it works beautifully for both bridal and photoshoots too!).  I also do absolutely think it’s well worth the (approximate) $10 you’ll have to shell out for it at a drugstore – but of course it’s even better if you can get it on sale (and its more likely to be on sale since it’s primarily avail at a drugstore vs. department store)!

Liquiline = a pleasant surprise + an artistrhi kit essential!  Liquilove. ♥

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  • December 3, 2010


    ohh I must try these liners! I’ve smudging problems too and liquid liner seems to be the only that lasts. Although my MUFE and UD ones still hold up pretty well but not as much as the liquids. Anyways, I love the liquid liner look on you – it’s fierrrce! And you do NOT look old ;)

  • December 6, 2010

    rhia amio, make-up artist

    this is definitely a great eyeliner especially for its pricepoint (and in the same long-lasting category for me as MUFE’s Aqua Eyes)…BUT I still can’t give up the liquid liner devotion…i have more pencils to talk about, but I have a feeling I know what my overall preference will be ;)

  • January 3, 2011


    I don’t know if you still recall the email correspondence we had before on my eyeliner dilemma. Anyho, I already gave up on all pencil eyeliners coz I’ve tried everything and all of them smudges on my asian eyes. My eyes can not tolerate soft matte pencils in my opinion. It just transfers everywhere when I wink. I can only tolerate MUFE Aqua Eyes because it smudges like I intentionally went for smokey eyes. haha…

    Now to cut the story short, I was curious about CG liquiline for the longest time. I tried silver spark first to try and it stayed on pretty well. No smudging! But then it’s not matte so I suppose it has better staying power. I didn’t try the black one until I saw this post. I’m like, ok I’ll give it a try coz Rhia recommended it. haha cheesy but true. I actually just bought it yesterday. Put it on this morning… it’s 5pm now and no smudging yet! I think I have found my HG eyeliner! :)

  • January 3, 2011

    rhia amio, make-up artist

    hi Wanda!! That’s awesome!! …and you’re so sweet! I’m so happy with Liquiline…it’s such good value for what it does, especially vs other liners that claim to be long-lasting and cost twice as much!!! Let me know if it keeps working for you :) Glad you found your holy grail liner…thanks so much for the detailed comment, Wanda…I’m sure this will help others too! :)

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