PRODUCT REVIEW | Five Minute Face Palette by @JoeFreshStyle Beauty

Ok, so not going to lie…it takes me a little (actually, waaay) longer than five minutes to make up my own face…but I can’t deny the convenience of Joe Fresh’s Five Minute Palette and having a selection of 4 eyeshadows, a gloss, a lipstick, a blush and a bronzer all at my fingertips in one lightweight kit….AND I also can’t deny the amazing value of said awesome palette – only $20 for nearly a full face look!! 

The lightweight palette also features a coloured face chart / make-up application guide.

The palette itself is very lightweight, enclosed in a hardcover book-like packaging.  A hidden magnet helps keep the palette shut (so you don’t have to worry about eyeshadow and powder fall-out mishaps in your purse!).  Yes, the packaging isn’t anything to show off and nor does it come it with a mirror…but the bare bones practical packaging also means you’re not dishing out extra dollars for a fancy container.

The colours to help you get gorgeous in 5 minutes....pretty + universally flattering!

The palette contains:
four eyeshadows – Pale Pink (1), Bronze (2), Espresso (3) and Midnight (4)
one gloss – Mauve (5)
one cream lipstick – Plum (6)
one blush – Pink
one bronzer – Tan

So now let’s talk contents….the Five Minute Palette eyeshadows are smooth and well-pigmented.  Yes, they’re not as creamy as other say higher-end eyeshadows I’ve tried, but they do the trick and last me for the day when paired with an eyeshadow primer.  The bronzer is actually tan (and not orange!!), and the pink is the right shade of bubblegum.  The eyeshadows, blush and bronzer have either a shimmer texture or a bit of sparkle, so this palette isn’t for those who prefer matte textures.  You can wear the lipstick and gloss together or alone – both colours work well across a variety of skin tones.  I prefer the look of layering the gloss over the lipstick to customize a shade that’s just right for me.

The nice thing about this palette is that you can create a variety of looks, and all you have to truck around is the one palette (more details on multiple looks in a following post!).  It slides perfectly into your purse, and you can use it to easily convert your day look into a night look (…and if you’re not like me, you can probably achieve such in five minutes!).  The Five Minute Face palette is also perfect for travel and hey if you lose it….$20 to replace it ain’t so bad, right?!

This was one of my first times using Joe Fresh cosmetics, and needless to say, I’ve created a monster!  I love that it’s available at Loblaws (a grocery store here in Toronto), and I’ve reasoned to myself that if I give up on buying myself chocolate chip cookies on the next grocery run, I can clearly and without guilt get myself a Joe Fresh goody!!  Sweet, huh?!

The Joe Fresh Five Minute Face Palette is artistrhi approved!  See the next post for 3 Faces you can easily achieve with the Joe Fresh Five Minute Face Palette. ♥!!!

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