BEAUTY SHOT | Kitty by Chris Luk Photography

I have had the pleasure of working with photographer and friend Chris Luk over numerous weddings…it’s always a highlight of the morning when Chris arrives and brings his contagious and positive energy to the room!  Ming of Puzzle Creations coined the term ‘friendors’ – aka friends meets vendors (smart, no?!)….and really, it’s one amazing thing to be able to do what you love, but it’s an added bonus when you get to do so in the company of talented friends!   I think for the client (in this case, say our mutual bride), it makes everything flow better…the chemistry, the team…those factors are all there and everyone is working as a cohesive unit making the Big Day perfect for the bride!

So, this time around it’s a bit different, as Chris is the one getting married!!  I’m so happy for Chris and his fiancee, Kitty – they are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet and their love (and nicknames!) for one another is endearing!  I have the wonderful honour of doing Kitty’s wedding make-up for the Big Day.  Below are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results from our trial.

Since Chris is the master behind the lens, he thankfully took over taking the before and after photos and even some photos as we went through the trial.  For more pics and Chris’ post on it all, click here to go to Chris’ blog or on the pic below.  A special thanks to Chris for always making us look good…and the condo/studio too!! (…and yes, we’re still chugging away at painting that wall!!)

Kitty and Chris – I’m looking forward to your Big Day!  We’re gonna have lots of fun!  (Although I may not see you that morning, Chris – don’t worry, I’ll take care of Kitty!  Because that’s how we do!).

See more photos on Chris’ blog!

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