CREATIVE | Penelope (Elite) by Geehae Jeong Photography

Ooops! I guess the New Year/holidays got the better of me, as this is my first official post of 2012. This time of the year is pretty quiet in terms of weddings (only 1 this past January so far!), but I’ve been trying to fill my schedule with some quality photoshoots to update my book plus quality time with the family, travel and planning a wedding. So despite my e-absence, it’s been a great beginning to the year!

One of my initial shoots of the year was with a couple of good friends, who are amazingly talented in their respective crafts. I love what I do. When I get to do that alongside people that I love, not only are the results fantastic, it simply never feels like work. Thanks and hugs to Geehae Jeong (aka photogmeister) and Suzie Kim (aka hair master) – the wicked team behind this shoot with our beautiful model, Penelope, from Elite.

Funny story…Penelope has gorgeous eyes AND eyelids for days…I mean look at the surface area on those peepers!  Just call me Jealous.  Penelope was saying how she used to be self-conscious about her eyelids and how she wished they were smaller. Try saying that to three Asian girls:  aka Gee, Suz and I!   The three of us all laughed – I mean we all know/have stories of wanting ‘bigger eyes’.  Eyelid surgery is so common amongst Asians for that exact reason.  Of course, us three Asians then flashed Penny a death-stare with our mono-lidded eyes haha.  Only kidding.  We loved working with Penny.  Funny, how our minds work right…we always want what we don’t have and even models think twice about their gorgeous features!

More to come from us crazies in the future…yes, please! :)

Photography:  Geehae Jeong
Hair:  Suzie Kim
Make-up:  Rhia Amio
Model:  Penny (Elite)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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