PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline’s Baby Lips Love

I have a special place in my heart for Maybelline. My very first lipstick was a long-ago-discontinued fuchsia shade called Maybelline Wild Berries. It was the lipstick my Mom used to wear, and one lucky Sunday after a usual trip to the grocery and drug store for the week’s household supplies, I somehow successfully whined my way (likely like a bratty child) into getting one for myself too! Prior to that, and I’m totally aging myself when I admit to it, I had a collection of Maybelline’s Kissing Koolers lip balms, also courtesy of my mom’s wallet. I know…little did my Mom know she was helping to create a little make-up monster.  :)
Thankfully now I can relive a bit of my youth via Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm. Baby Lips applies smooth-like-butta (not waxy) on the lips…and after a winter where my lips are even more hydration-deprived than usual, it helps to bring my lips back in check…we’re talking smooth like a baby’s bottom!  Baby Lips is said to provide 8 hr moisture, but being that my lips suck up any kind of moisture, I find I do have to reapply it throughout the day.

Baby Lips is available in 6 different types – my faves being Quench (Clear – gotta have the basics!) and Peach Kiss (a pretty-in-peach nude).  I especially love Peach Kiss as a day-to-day go-to. The peachy tone of the balm helps to mute the natural redness in my lips, which is the perfect pairing for my usual day-to-day smoky eye look. That also means I can instantly free up some getting-ready time in the morning (or catch some extra zzz’s!) when all I have to do is apply Baby Lips rather than my usual higher-maintenance lip balm + concealer + lipliner + lipstick + lip gloss routine! Throughout the day, it’s also less upkeep and no mirror needed to apply it. Gotta love that.

I know this seems silly but I also really enjoy the fun colourful packaging with its graphic bold lettering – I think it’s the cutest to pull out of the purse and apply rather than a plain old chapstick. The subtle candy smells of Baby Lips also makes it quite addictive to apply. And I apply it…multiple times a day. Yup..I’m a kid again.

Oh Maybelline!  The love affair continues… :)

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