Meet beautiful bride-to-be, Helen! I feel so lucky to work with Helen – her reaction to her make-up during her bridal trial (pictured here) is what I aim for with everyone I work with. The feeling I get from seeing reactions like that is just indescribable…it just feels right.

Check out the pics courtesy of Helen’s beau and talented photographer, Glendon Tang – that’s why the pics look so pro-fesh, right?  If only I could have him shoot all my bridal trials…say Glendon, what are you doing next Saturday? :)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.


  • May 3, 2012

    Glendon Tang

    hahaha.. you most definitely know what I’m doing next Saturday ;) We’ll see you soon enough. Thanks for doing a great job for Helen.

  • May 3, 2012

    Glendon Tang

    Side note… i take that as a compliment that you’d put up a photo of you doing the makeup.. lol.. considering the great job you did of hiding behind your palette lol.

  • lol! I should have known you could only make me look good! See you guys soon :)

  • awww my pleasure! she was so easy to work with. such great features, as I know you already know :)

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